Why Choose ABC Realty?

Combining Industry Leading Technology with Affordability Makes ABC Realty the Smart Choice for all of your Real Estate Needs.

ABC Realty was founded with the principle that our clients come first. We believe that since buying or
selling a home is one of the most stressful things you can do, we work hard to keep you informed and
do whatever needs to be done to make the process as easy and affordable as it can be.

Reasons Why People Choose ABC Realty:

1. Low Commissions & Affordable

Agencies typically charge a 3% commision.
Our company charges an affordable rate with
low commissions.

2. Yard Signs That Work

Our sign works for you and not the company.
When a prospectrive buyer drives by, calls
and enters in your homes unique extension,
they hear a professional description of your
property recorded on our state-of-the-art system.

Dial 888-950-3726 x101 to listen to a sample talking property

3. Status Updates

Weekly updates are sent to you by email
giving you full reports on how much interest
and activity your home is generating so you
can determine how well the listing is performing.

4. Statistical Reports

Get detailed statistics and reports to see how
well your listing is performing all at no extra
cost to you.

Click To See Some Sample Reports

5. Virtual Property Tours

Our virtual tours are high quality 360 tours
with music and interactivity.
(Not a slide show of pictures.)

Click To See A Sample Tour

6. Experience & Professionalism

From our professional staff to our remarkable
reputation, ABC Realty brings years of experience
to the table. Make us your #1 choice for all your
real estate needs.


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